Flood Barrier Systems

R&R quickly identified that their core skill
set and competency of, logistics, manpower
etc. provided a perfect fit of the challenge of
storing, deploying (in emergency conditions),
removing, maintaining and storing again, flood
barrier systems and protection equipment.



R&R have worked with the customers (WMAA) Flood Mitigation experts, manufacturer, structural engineers, architects, mechanical engineers, insurance brokers and staff to aid and assist in the development of the flood protection measures.  We have also attended factory acceptance testing, had advising on training methodology, advising on the standard operating procedures and assembly protocols as well as logistics. 

As a result our staff has the gained the knowledge and expertise to:

  • Work with your team to develop a solution.
  • Maintain a staff of trained operatives(manufacturer acreddtied) familiar with system deployment.
  • Plant and equipment to deploy, recover and maintain your systems.
  • The space and resources to securely store your flood barrier systems.