Material Hoisting

We specialize in sales, rental and service of material handling equipment.
Loads up to 2,000 lbs. can be safely lifted/lowered utilizing one of several
types of hoists. Hoisting methods include drum, traction and rack and pinion.
Loads in excess of 2,000 lbs. require alternative methods, which are readily
available. Explore our material hoisting options below.


Our systems are designed for lifting and pulling a wide variety of equipment. Several of our models are engineered in such a way that the wire rope runs through the hoist, that way allowing unlimited wire rope length capability. These models are also available with a wide variety of accessories to customize them for your needs.

Swing Arm

Swing arm hoists are most commonly seen throughout the roofing industry.  However, more and more contractors are learning of the benefits of these hoists.  Long outreaches, high payloads and modular design are a few of its key features.

Mono Rail

Our drum hoists are single-line pull with capacities from 500 - 2000 pounds. Powder coated for durability and weather resistant, these units can last in the outdoor environments for many years. Some of our hoists have an available dual speed operation with Soft-Start/Soft-Stop, these hoists are perfect for lifting delicate or heavy loads.


These powerful hoists boast the ability to easily move material loads up to 4400 pounds. The platform carriages are spacious, providing extra room for larger and heavier loads. Equipped with upper and lower limit switches as well as overspeed devices, rack and pinion material hoists are engineered with performance, reliability and safety in mind.

Chain Hoists

These lightweight and compact hoist are specially designed for heavy-duty industrial lifting jobs. Optional load limiting device.  Available in both manual and electrical models.