These powerful hoists boast the ability to easily move material loads up to 4400 pounds. The platform carriages are spacious, providing extra room for larger and heavier loads. Equipped with upper and lower limit switches as well as overspeed devices, rack and pinion material hoists are engineered with performance, reliability and safety in mind.

We carry high quality rack and pinion platform hoists to provide the construction industry with a reliable means of transporting material. Powder coated for durability and weather resistant, these units can last in the outdoor environments for many years.

Our hoists allow for transporting up to 2,000 pounds of material to up to 400 ft high. For situations where a cable hoist is too dangerous or just not enough, you can rely on these quality platform lifts. Powered by either 220-volt single phase or 230-volt three phase, there is one for any job site.

These hoists are light-weight and equipped with upper and lower limit switches, a fail safe brake (loss of power automatically sets the brake) as well as overspeed devices.. They are designed with reliability and safety in mind.

Certain models have a pivoting feature, which allows the platform to be rotated 90 degrees with a special swivel mechanism for ease of loading/unloading, all types of material on your job site. Optional variable frequency drives (VFD) allows for soft starts and stops.