Permanently Installed Solutions

Permanently installed units, or Building Maintenance Units (BMU), are
designed to safely maintain practically any type of high-rise structure.
Explore our installation systems below.

Roof Mounted Systems

Roof Cars and or BMUs are designed to
accommodate and access all exterior of
a structure façade. Access to the equipment
is from the roof with nothing to assemble and
dismantle. The equipment design has the hoist
units at the roof level therefore granting access
at all time should an emergency arise.

Davits and Sockets Systems

Davits are most widely used in multi-level structures, it is designed to suspend self powered platforms and single man cages. Many times davit sockets can be recessed below the pavers if an inverted roofing system is used. Davit bases / sockets are installed around the perimeter of the rooftop and often a pair of davits are assigned to each respective level.

Monorail Systems

Monorail Systems are track profiles that run along the building's profile. They're specially designed to suspend a self-powered system that is more aesthetically suited to the structure. Specially designed trolleys, adopted onto the monorail, allow a self powered system to horizontally travel along the track.

Tie Back Anchor Systems

Tie back systems, or anchorages, are designed to provide safe use of permanent and temporary equipment and to comply with regulatory standards. There are many different type of safety tie back anchor model available, each varying on the design of the structure.

Gantry Systems

Gantry systems or permanent platforms designed to typically access and maintain atriums and skylights. It is usually designed to traverse manually or motorized on a pipe or aluminum “I” beam rails. Its design includes a wide range to virtually satisfy any shape, building access requirement and color.