Davits and Sockets Systems

Davits are most widely used in multi-level structures, it is designed to suspend self powered platforms and single man cages. Many times davit sockets can be recessed below the pavers if an inverted roofing system is used. Davit bases / sockets are installed around the perimeter of the rooftop and often a pair of davits are assigned to each respective level.

Davits and sockets systems are conventionally designed to provide an effective method to permanently access the exterior of a structural fa├žade. It is most effective when a building design has multiple levels. A basic system is comprised of: fixed davit bases, portable davit arms and a self powered working platform.

Self powered platform are generally designed with a two or four point suspension, on a four point failure of one suspension point would not allow the platform to fall but upset its normal working position. Fixed and or modular configuration, specially adapted to almost any building design and architectural characteristic are available.
It employs the use of many safety cut off switches such as, upper limit switch, emergency stop switch, level sensor switch, overload switch and obstruction detector switch.

Davits are an efficient, safe and practical permanent suspension system when utilized with a self powered platform. It is most widely used on a multi leveled structure. Manufactured in aluminum and in two sections to allow for ease of handling during relocation. Davits are attached to the permanent steel sockets simply by inserting a pin. Its design includes transporting wheels and a carrying handle. Davit bases or sockets as sometimes referred are typically embedded and fixed to a building structure. Many sockets are generally exposed above the finished roof surface but can also be recessed below the pavers to aesthetically satisfy the design. It is constructed out of galvanized steel and secured with stainless steel hardware.