Roof Mounted Systems

Roof Cars and or BMUs are designed to
accommodate and access all exterior of
a structure façade. Access to the equipment
is from the roof with nothing to assemble and
dismantle. The equipment design has the hoist
units at the roof level therefore granting access
at all time should an emergency arise.

Roof mounted systems are designed to provide a safe and efficient method of access to all external parts of a building structure. Most design allows the user’s to access the equipment from the roof and with nothing to assemble. The design of the system is such that the hoists units are stored at the roof level therefore, granting access at all times should an emergency arise. Additionally, reducing weight on the working platform and allowing more room for workers. Built in Programmable Logic Controls (PLCs) monitor and ensure complete operators’ safety and minimizes breakdowns.

In order to accommodate tenants/owners from the constant interference of accessing their roof levels, many roof mounted systems are designed with long boom span to accommodate and clear the working platform beyond terraces and lower roof levels.

All our roof mounted systems are completely self stable requiring no anchoring to the building structure. The use of programmable logic controls removes the limitations imposed by the need to supply power to the working platform; the end result is a lighter and user friendly system.

By incorporating a working platform around the perimeter of the machine, utilized for service and emergency personnel, many existing applications can be easily retrofitted and accommodated without the need of any costly reinforcing to any of the building structure. When a non standard solution or special application is required due to the ever changing demand of architectural design, our team with the expertise, know how and technology adopt to almost any situation.