Safety Products

Safety is our highest priority. That's why the first step in starting
a project is the development of a Safety and Risk Prevention Plan.
This helps make managers, workers and even subcontrators aware
of workplace hazards associated with specific buildings.


Anchorages are available in many different forms and are the most critical part of the fall protection system. An inadequate anchor will result in failure of all other components. OSHA requires an anchorage to be capable of supporting 5,000 lbs. Contact our office for details concerning your specific anchorage needs.

Body Harness

This part of your fall protection system receives the most complaints; such as “It’s uncomfortable”, “It’s too heavy”, “It’s too big/small”. New body harnesses not only fit well, but are lighter and more comfortable than ever before. Body harnesses are now built to specific sizes, including models for women.


Lanyard- This device connects your body harness to the rope grab. Shock absorbing lanyards help to ease the body’s impact in the event of a fall.

Rope Grab

This mechanical device locks onto the lifeline and serves as your “parking brake”. Most models use a cam-type lock. Several models have fail-safe locks that allow the grab to engage the lifeline even if the user holds the cam open.


5/8” Poly-Dac is the industry standard in the tri-state area. Poly-Dac has dynamic properties well suited for arresting a fall. With a breaking strength over 5,000 lbs, along with great UV and abrasion resistance, this is the lifeline you want.

Splice Safe

ANSI Z-359.1 states: “Knots shall not be used for load-bearing end terminations” (section This device allows the user to make an end termination without a knot or the knowledge of how to splice rope. Fully rated at 5,000 lbs. capacity. Device is reusable.

Safety Netting

Used to prevent debris from exiting the platform. Available in rolls of 150ft (4 ft. high) in black or safety orange. Use of netting is required in some states. Check your local codes.

Protect-Me Sleeve

This device is used to insulate electric cables and lifelines from sharp abrasive edges such as parapet walls and cornices. The Velcro® closure allows installation at any point on the line.