Suspended Swing Stage Solutions

Access to building facades often requires specialized equipment.
The components that comprise our temporary suspended scaffolding
can be complex. That's why proper installation requires the product
knowledge of seasoned professionals.

Outrigger Systems

An outrigger is a supported weight and beam system that allows users to create their own suspension points. It's used most often when there is no parapet wall, or the wall is not structurally sound. With outreaches up to 14', these outriggers allow specialized riging for balconies, cornices, outside corners and other long reach applications.

Custom Outrigger Systems

Assembled from modular sections, these custom outriggers can be broken down to fit within standard elevators. Designed with a custom manufactured aluminum extrusion, these beams are both light and surprisingly strong.


Access to building façades often requires
specialized equipment.  Suspended scaffolding,
a temporary system assembled from many
components, requires the product knowledge
and know-how of experienced and seasoned


These devices, often referred to as "motors", are the primary lifting mechanism for suspended scaffolding. The load capacities can range from 700 lbs. up to 2,200 lbs. Hoists are available with either electric or air motors. All of our hoists have emergency descent devices that enable the operators to lower the platform without the use of power. All of our hoists have UL approval and comply with all OSHA requirements for man-riding.