Custom Outrigger Systems

Assembled from modular sections, these custom outriggers can be broken down to fit within standard elevators. Designed with a custom manufactured aluminum extrusion, these beams are both light and surprisingly strong.

8’ outreach beams allow for applications where standard beams are insufficient. Examples such as wide parapets, cornices, outside corners and signs are typical conditions that would require this type of beam.

When an 8’ outreach simply is not long enough, a 12’ outreach beam could be the answer. Utilizing many of the same components as the 8’ outreach beam, the additional 4’ of outreach can be invaluable.

With certain applications, such as balconies and shallow setbacks, extreme outreaches come into play. The largest of the modular type outrigger beams provides 14’ of reach. This system enables the users to access areas that in the past were considered unreachable. When your work area is beneath a cornice or other type of overhang, the down & under beam is the answer. Utilizing custom support brackets, this fully adjustable beam has the ability to get the user underneath the overhang to the required work area.